Fic: “Another Fine Mess” | Dick Grayson/Tim Drake | pg-13


Title: Another Fine Mess
Fandom: DCnU; Dick Grayson, Tim Drake
Word Count: ~1,750
Rating: pg-13
Notes: Dick/Tim ficlet for Julieeeeee.  <3  Based off her beautiful art that I can’t find.  I suck.


“Dick - I think that I’m going to have to call child services and have you taken away from yourself, and I’m being completely serious here.”

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Omg Pro, I was *cracking up* reading this.

That ‘omg everyone in the house is asleep fuuckk SNERK’ kinda laughs. Honestly it was just so hilarious, I loved Dick’s smart ass replies and poor Tim just so so cute.

The opening line just says that you’re gonna spend the fic laughing. Aww but Tim, then they would take him away from you too so that just doesnt work.

“Oh my god, Dick.  You’re going to have to go on one of those reality shows.

This section from ‘But you love me’ was so hilarious. We don’t have that show over here but Teal is perpetually watchign it so I hear all about the scenarios. And yes, Dick. This is inevitable.

We have ‘How Clean is you House’, which would also be hilarious.

The description of the mess is just hilarious. And Tim, really, you’re COMPLAINING about a half naked Dick(that sounds AWFUL) walking around. Most people would pay good money to see that on a regular basis.

“I don’t know, Timmy.  That seems awful silly.  Sometimes you only *need* a spoon, after-all.”  Dick grins at the TV when he hears the dishwasher door violently slam.

I just love that Tim is so ridiculously high strung that he cant see Dick is trolling him. His Blood pressure must be rocketing.

I kinda wanted Dick to explain why the sock was in the fridge LMAO, that of course was another part that had me laughing.

Tim is — he thinks this must be what it’s like to actually see red.  His hands are shaking in their balled up fists - he feels his face tighten and his eyes narrow.  “Dick, I will kill y-”

I live how Dick knows EXACTLY how to rile Tim up. This seems like practiced easy and poor Tim just takes the bait. Dick, stop picking on Tim for your own amusement XD…and our amusement.

“You, Mr. Drake are giving me your adorable ‘angry-badger’ face.

This is just the most hilariously adorable mental image, EVER. I almost went and googled angry badgers. I’m sure it would have been offensively cute. Like Timmy.

Tim feels his face scrunch more and he put yellow cleaning glove covered hands on his hips, “I do not have an angry bad-gmmph.”

And then the image just gets even cuter, with Tim with his squished cheeks.

And fffff kisses *___________* This is everything that I want right now ♥♥♥

“No.  You smell good, Timmy.  Like,”  Dick inhales the younger man’s scent on his skin, and snorts out a laugh and presses his smile into Tim’s sternum, “Like sweat and Chlorox.”

This is just so adorable. Just Dick speaking impulsively and then his brain catching up. They are just so cute and I’m smiling so wide right now.

And then more kisses.  Kisses that flutter in Tim’s stomach and ignite lights behind his eyelids and kisses that he can feel under Dick’s fingers, even though his lips are against his own. 

This is such a lovely description *_* *wibbles

His skull knocks lightly against the plaster wall when Dick pushes him there.  He feels Dick as he the older man falls to his knees in from of Tim.  Feels Dick pull Tim’s shirt out and fit his head under the cotton.

I may very well have to draw this at some point fff, this is such a wonderful image *__* Dickkkk I can just picture is so clearly.

And really your descriptions are so hot and sexy and fffff yum. I just want to draw every part I read and THEN

“Oh my God - when was the last time you did laundry, Dick?”  Tim’s hand absently curls around where Dick’s head sticks out from beneath Tim’s shirt.

“Close your eyes, Tim!” Is the only thing Dick says before he uses his lips to open the button on Tim’s jeans and his teeth to unzip them.

Tim closes his eyes. 

This just about killed me. omg, seriously laughing so hard when I read it. even now I cant’ stop grinning. You have such a fantastic sense of humour. I just love Tims reaction.

 Dick has Tim above him, bony, scarred knees straddling Dick’s chest as Dick pressed kisses through Tim’s shirt, bites gently at his right nipple and the sucks it through the cotton.

I really love this description, I should be sleepign and youre getting me all inspired Pro. HONESTLY DD< What a gorgeous description tho.

All of the foreplay is so wonderfully described and, i dunno. You kind of write it differently, how to explain - more creatively perhaps. It’s not your standard roll in the sheets that you’ve read 20 times. And those were an awesome 20 times but this

It’s got somethign a bit different ot offer. Your writing usually does.

Tim breathes in once — gasps — and more crunching.
“Dick, what the hell is in your sheets?” Tim stills himself, tried not to move at all.  It almost sounds like… foil?

The humour is slaying me. I am dead. Dick you are really and truly so gross.  Lol I just spotted your tag, yes, Dick. You are horrible. And there’s no recovering from this Dick. There will be no sexy time until the colours and whites are at the very least separated.

That is if Tim can even stand to look at you.

Pro, seriously, ffffff this was just so amazing ;___________; I really love it. You’re just too good for me and thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The best

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