"I think Tim Drake would be a better Batman then Bruce Wayne, because I think he approaches things from a different standpoint. Like, I think that Bruce was motivated by tragedy to strike out against the things in the world that destroyed his family. Tim’s desire is just a pure desire to help people and that’s kind of why he became Robin. [Tim] sought out to become Robin not only to help people, but to specifically help Batman out because he kind of saw that [Bruce] was going over the edge and [Tim] wanted to do something for him."
- J.T. Krul on Tim Drake (via protagonistically)

(Source: comicvine.com, via protagonistically)

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A Few Novel Ideas: Tim Drake/Red Robin Fans - DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!





If you are a Tim Drake/Red Robin fan, do not waste your money buying this book!

DC is attempting to pull a bait and switch con on you.

Despite the fact that all the solicits for this book prominently mention Red Robin returning to Gotham and appearing to battle against…


I get it, guys.  I’m really mad too.  But I still think buying the comic has some merit.  I know that The Dark Knight is already a high-selling comic, but if it jumps even a little bit in sales, maybe the argument can be made that Tim Drake draws sales.  And maybe they’ll consider giving Tim a larger role within the reboot.

Something to think about.



What Sam said.

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Since You’ve Been Gone


Title: Since You’ve Been Gone
Author: Tigrislupa
Category: Batman (Comics)
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I make no claim on any of the characters.
Warnings: None
Summary: After months abroad, Tim returns home only to find that things have changed in his absence. Brothers can be such a pain.
A/N: The first part of this fic was inspired by this post by Kaciart, and the last part by something Incogneat-oh mentioned (who really needs to start watching what they say online as they are fast becoming my muse).
Many thanks to Sablumadracusco and Storiesintheashes for betaing this!

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Oh man, this was really cute.

I felt so bad for poor Timmy; having such trolls for brothers.

You use such lovely description and I really enjoyed the section where Tim was observing Damian upon arriving.

And of course, having Dick all over him will always win you my love and adoration 8DD I can just imagine him having been listening for movement in Tim’s room before interrupting.

And was I the only person that took into account the fact that if Tim is looking for a shirt….MEANS HE HAS NONE ON.

I really like your choice of words at times and just really, this was so heartwarming. I was smiling the whole way through.

And the end. PERFECT

Alf you are the BEST.

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